12 Apr 2016

Sunny In Chicago Illinois

Westin Chicago River North, Sunny In Every Country

Hello to you all. Happy Tuesday.  In late February, I travelled to Chicago, Illinois to explore this amazing city. Chicago is wholly unique and no matter where you go, each part has its own draw. It felt like I was in New York, but quieter, cleaner, and less expensive.  During the 19th century, Chicago was a […]

05 Apr 2016

The Everyday Sunny In Washington D.C.

Sunny In Every Country

Hello world. This is the most exciting, yet awkward post because I don’t know what to say or where to start. Ok, I have to start somewhere. My name is Sunny Kamara(Now you get where Sunny In Every Country comes from. I know, say it with me tacky yet catchy, HAHA!).  If there is one […]