11 Jul 2016

Sunny In Palestine & Israel

Happy Monday. Cheers to a new week. 

I travelled to Israel and Palestine the third week in June. To be precise June 22-June 28 2016.

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Palestine and Israel are one of the most complex lands to discuss. I’ve spent countless times thinking about how I should do this post. Whether I should combine it as one country since Palestine is not considered a country by the United Nations. But I think it only fair that I do separate posts about Palestine and Israel. I will share my experience about each this week. 

For those who aren’t aware , the modern state of Israel as we know it today has not always been Israel. It was in 1948 when Israel came to being, after a war with the Palestinians over the land that is now modern day Israel, with Palestinian Territories in the West Bank and Gaza.

That’s a very short history so if you’re interested in reading more about it, I urge you to seek further history online.

Many asked. “Why Palestine and Israel?”

Sunny In Israel & Palestine Sunny In Israel & Palestine

I was well aware that my decision to travel to this side of the world was not encouraged by all, however being that I am an explorer  on a journey to travel to every country, I knew it was only a matter of time till I came to see and experience The Holy Land.When people say “educate yourself”, this is my answer – travel. I will not have known what it is like in Palestine and Israel had I not gone to see it for myself. 

Throughout this trip, I learned so much about religion, history, architecture and even chemicals (in the Dead Sea of course). This was the humblest experience EVER! The love I received here is beyond what words can express.

The Dead Sea, Israel

I will post about my experience in each place this week. Stay tuned!

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