22 Oct 2022

Sunny In Costa Rica

Hello World! It seems I’ve been in Costa Rica for years (Last post on social media since my travel contents hiatus), but I am finally posting about my experiences and ready to share my travel contents again.

Costa Rica is a country that has got ecotourism right as they put nature in first place. Costa Rica’s landscape offers it all- from smoking volcanoes to tropical beaches, lush rainforests to dramatic waterfalls.


From Costarica.org: Costa Rica’s indigenous history is not as prominent as it is in other Latin American cultures or even others just in Central America. Today, Costa Rica is strongly shaped by its Spanish influences as well as Catholicism. But some influences still remain and some tribes are still populating Costa Rica to this day. As the story goes, Christopher Columbus landed on a small island located by Limo  in 1502, and “discovered” Costa Rica. Well, that may please Spanishhistorians, but it is not actually what happened in this episode of Costa Rica history. In 1502, Christopher Columbus arrived at Limon being lost. Costa Rica already existed. It was here all along and Costa Rica discovered Europeans in 1502! Limon was quickly abandoned in favor of the Central Valley, however, partially due to the heat and humidity. The indigenous cultures fled to the Talamanca mountain ranges where they remain to this day. In 1522, the colonists named the land Costa Rica, meaning Rich Coast, in the hope that they were going to find gold in its hills. Which they didn’t. When it became apparent that the rich coast was poorer than its neighbors, the colonists switched their focus to agricultural development. Achieving  Independence  was one of the most important events in Costa Rica history. Unlike many of its neighbors, however, the Tico managed to do it without bloodshed or revolution. While this fact is certainly a blessing, it does not mean that it was a simple process. In fact, they had to win their freedom not once but twice! In the first round, they broke free from the rule of Spain. In the second round, they achieved full independence within Central America.


The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has an English-language website detailing entry requirements:  https://www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/planning-your-trip/entry-requirements.

I flew in from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) to Costa Rica Capital city, San Jose (SJO).

I spent 1 night at the Radisson hotel in San Jose. It was short and sweet stay. Took advantage of a free breakfast buffet, airport shuttle.

The next day, we were on a 2.5 hours journey to La Fortuna. There are several ways to travel to this area; take public bus, go on a group shuttle, hire a private transportation service or rent a car and drive. We opted for the group shuttle.

We arrived at our accommodation, Mountain Paradise. It was quite a pleasant surprise as pictures doesn’t do this resort justice.

The Mountain Paradise Hotel is an ideal Costa Rica accommodation for those seeking memorable stay in a lush Costa Rican jungle with stunning view of the Arenal Volcano! 

One of the “must dos” in Costa Rica is to visit a waterfall. Central Costa Rica’s famous La Fortuna waterfall is located on the outskirts of La Fortuna village in Arenal Volcano National Park. Meaning ‘the fortune’ in Spanish, the waterfall and ecological reserve is the area’s best-kept secret. Located on the slopes of the dormant Arenal volcano, La Fortuna carries waters from the rainforests of the Arenal Mountain ranges. Visiting La Fortuna waterfall is a must for anyone on a Costa Rica tour, especially for those who love nature and want to breathe the fresh mountain air.

Whether traveling to Costa Rica for its biodiversity or adventure sports, you can’t miss the opportunity to soak in the volcanic hot springs around the country. Despite its small size, Costa Rica has six active volcanoes that create many different hot springs you can visit. In addition to being soothing and relaxing, these waters are naturally filled with minerals that can benefit your health and well-being. Studies have implied that mineral hot springs can improve stress levels, dermatological conditions, circulation problems, and prosthetic recovery, among many others. Even if you aren’t looking for healing properties, you won’t regret spending a day in one of many hot springs around the country. 

Spent lots of time in the hotel relaxing and exploring the grounds.

Explored the town of La Fortuna and ate some local dishes.

From the tropical jungle to the paradise beaches: Costa Rica is wildlife heaven and a must-visit for nature lovers.

I hope this post helps inspires you all to visit Costa Rica.