22 Jun 2016

Sunny In Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, Vegas, America, Travel, Travel Tips

Hello world. It’s been a crazy week, but as promised…My Las Vegas experience. Late February of 2015, I went to Las Vegas with my cousin for a weekend getaway. Since I don’t drink alcohol nor have much interest in casinos, we stayed at the quiet side of Las Vegas. If you like all the action Vegas has […]

14 Jun 2016

Sunny In Rome Italy

Rome, Italy, Sunny In Every Country, Europe, Travel. Travel Tips, Travel Tuesday

Hello World, happy Tuesday. Please forgive my lateness. This post was suppose to be live last week Tuesday, but after coming back from Rome, I had so many things to catch up on. But like the saying goes..better late than never! I was in Rome for few days the last week in May. We have […]

20 May 2016

Sunny In Cancun Mexico

Cancun, Mexico, Sunny In Every Country

Hello world, happy Friday to you all! I’ve travelled to a lot of countries prior to starting this blog. I will be sharing some of my previous travels between current travels. Cancun, Mexico was my first travel last year. I visited Cancun, Mexico with my little sister for few days in January of 2015. I’ve […]

13 May 2016

Sunny In Lagos Nigeria

Sunny In lagos Nigeria

Hello world, happy Friday. Hope you all had a great week! Nigeria will forever hold a special place in my heart.   The plan this year was to visit my home country Sierra Leone before I traveled to any other country. I actually wanted to start the blog with Sierra Leone. But things didn’t happen that way.  Back […]

06 May 2016

Sunny In Beijing China

Beijing China, Sunny In Beijing China, China, Sunny In Every Country, Great Wall Of China

Hello world. Hope you all are having a great week.  Last week, I traveled to Beijing China for the first time. I just came back to the States. I am a bit jet lagged from the 12 hours time difference and almost 14 hours plane ride. But I must admit, it was worth the burden on my body.  China […]

19 Apr 2016

Sunny In New Orleans Louisiana

Sunny In Every Country

Hello world, happy Tuesday.  Visiting New Orleans for the first time proved to be an experience. Personally I’ve never been able to travel to the southern part of the United States with the number one reason being most West Africans immigrated to Northern Eastern cities.  I have to admit that New Orleans has changed my perception […]

12 Apr 2016

Sunny In Chicago Illinois

Westin Chicago River North, Sunny In Every Country

Hello to you all. Happy Tuesday.  In late February, I travelled to Chicago, Illinois to explore this amazing city. Chicago is wholly unique and no matter where you go, each part has its own draw. It felt like I was in New York, but quieter, cleaner, and less expensive.  During the 19th century, Chicago was a […]

05 Apr 2016

The Everyday Sunny In Washington D.C.

Sunny In Every Country

Hello world. This is the most exciting, yet awkward post because I don’t know what to say or where to start. Ok, I have to start somewhere. My name is Sunny Kamara(Now you get where Sunny In Every Country comes from. I know, say it with me tacky yet catchy, HAHA!).  If there is one […]